Pioneering ground breaking advances in Satellite and Microwave Technologies

Taking the Lead

Having an intimate understanding of the ICT market has enabled GDS Technologies to successfully forecast market trends and research new solutions. This cutting edge approach to doing business has ensured that GDS Technologies remains a leading telecommunication consultant in Africa.

Target Driven Results

To get game-changing results, start focusing on game-changing thoughts.

Driving customer profitability through innovation.



GDS Technologies was founded in 2004, originally established to address the evolving ICT needs in Africa. Its founding members, being involved with the evolution of GSM Networks spotted the potential for a niche-market leader.


Based in South Africa, GDS Technologies are committed to driving customer profitability through dynamic innovation. Contact us today to for more about our solutions.


As the dot-com era settles into a less frenetic and overzealous state and the global economies currently flail it has become increasingly critical to implement low cost access technologies. GDS Technologies takes pride in being able to deliver turn-key, low cost, yet effective communication technologies for any size operation.


Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing service to customers. GDS Technologies provides engineering services that support the solutions we deploy.